Exegetical Theology 

Exodus 34:1-10
Hebrews 8:1-13
John 15:1-8
Romans 13:1-5

Covenant Theology 

The Nature of the New Covenant, Hebrews 8
The Duality of the Abrahamic Covenant in the the 17th Century Particular Baptists
Jet Sweep Look at the Historical Covenants and the Covenant of Grace
Reflections on the Law 

Historical Theology 

William Tyndall: Experiential Outworking of Sola Scriptura
Jonathan Edwards: Doxology Rooted in Theology 
Law/Grace in Martin Luther’s New Testament Preface 
Calvin on God’s Good Gifts 
Luther and Calvin on Baptism 

Systematic Theology 

Reflections on the Law 
Abiding Validity of the Sabbath and Its Foundation for a Philosophy of Ministry 
Ethics: From the Floor to the Ceiling
Union- Synthesized, Summarized, and Defined
Aquinas’ Doctrine of Divine Simplicity 
Van Til’s Revelational Epistemology 

Statement of Faith Papers for TH501 & TH502: 

  1. Theology, Revelation, and Canon
  2. Theology Proper: Summarized
  3. Creation, Man, and Sin
  4. Son and Spirit
  5. Redemption Accomplished and Applied 

Two Kingdoms 

Early Thoughts on Two Kingdoms 
Cult and Culture 

Biblical Theology 

Skelton Key of the Old Testament


Rebellion Against the State